Learn the Scrum framework

You will learn about; the Scrum Framework, the Product Backlog, the Sprint Burndown Graph, the Product Burndown Graph, Using a Task board, and more ...

Learn about Scrum artefacts

Learn about Scrum artefacts such as the Product Backlog, Task Boards, and Burndown Graphs.

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"People tend to interpret Scrum within the context of their current project management methodologies. They apply Scrum rules and practices without fully understanding the underlying principles of self-organization, emergence, and visibility and the inspection/adaptation cycle. They don’t understand that Scrum involves a paradigm shift from control to empowerment, from contracts to collaboration, and from documentation to code."

Ken Schwaber, Agile Project Management with Scrum 2006.

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Kane Mar has been coaching and training Scrum teams for over a decade in the US, Northern Europe, China and now Australia. He works at Scrumology.com, an Agile consultancy servicing the Australian and New Zealand markets.

A list of public Kane's public training courses can be found here: http://scrumology.com/events